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What I have for you right here is something that will save you 100s of dollars just this year alone and you get a 10-year solid subscription, which means you'll save 1000s of dollars.


Okay, when was the last time upi found yourselft hunting for a godd quality image, graphic, icon, video or audio to put in your consent. Discovered something that was perfect, only to find out it'll cost you $10.

10 bucks for a lousy image!

Buy you'd be lucky if you find one at that price, and if it comes to audio or video, it'd be even more expensive.

Today Is The Last Time You Pay For An Image,
Graphic, Icon, Audio Or Audio Asset

Over 30,000 images

Over 5,000 GIFs

5,000 HD Videos

15,000 Icons

20,000 Vector Graphics

100% Searchable & Browsable Stock Site

Yes, effectively what you’re getting is free access to one of the biggest stock websites.

You can search for any keyword, or even browse the entire collection. Pick the content you want to use and save it.

Power-Up Your Content

Craft Videos Better

Turn Blogs Into Visual Stories

Get Better Converting Landing Pages

Get More Opt-ins Every Day

Fantastic Sounds & Music For Your Videos

Tons of Backgrounds For Your Sites & Designs

Thousands of Icons For You To Use

Huge Collection of People Photos

Everything You’ll Ever Need For Your Designs

Real Worth $897

This is a once in a blue-moon offer. You get a 10-year long access to for truly unbelievable price. The only reason we are prepared to give away for this ridiculous price today is only because you’ve already invested in CloudFunnels.

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Guarantee Badge

Money Back Guarantee

Making up your mind is hard, especially when it's a new technology that you haven't tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover's advantage, and that's why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

Here's our guarantee!

Buy Stockb.In, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don't like what it does for you and your business, just us know within 30 days though a support ticket at and we will refund you 100% of the money!

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Support Guarantee

Bad suppot can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from Tekniforce you can get the guarantee of a good quality support

  • Live Chat Support Guarantee
    We have 24/7 chat support here. Yes, if you ever have any issues using, just come to this website and talk to our live support agent.

  • 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
    When you open a ticket with us, you'll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Live Assistance Guarantee
    Having trouble making something work? Our tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer to fix your problem.

You are our business. We take real good care of you.

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